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That said, I do really love the embed generator now that I've figured out how to use it! Great tool, and thank you!
Bests bots ! I'll tell this to the wumpus king :3
The most useful bots on Discord-Planet
Awesome templates
Awesome backup feature!
Xenon saved my day!
The bot Xenon Is so good ive always wanted a built server with roles that i can change and add onto but ive been so busy with work and school but this bot and server helped me alot
If you read this, thumbs up for xenon and embed generator
I've been using Xenon to backup my servers for a while now and it's been a pleasure to use. Quite simple and easy to understand, whenever there were any questions, one of the devs always was fast with answering. Great service and good products!
This bot just saved me hours of my time and is so simple to use lol. Literally a lifesaver.
Xenon bot is good
I have been around discord for quiet some time. What i think your doing here with Xenon and Embed Generator is amazing.
Amazing bot!
10/10 for this bot, I love it!
Great to use. Made my life so much easier
Xenon makes it super easy to set up a server and to keep it safe from rough mods. The community provided templates let people share their ideas and further contribute to the great community.

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